Top 10 Things to Expect at Convention

Meet and connect with hundreds of sisters of all ages. Convention is attended by some of our newest members and also our wonderful alumnae.


Stock up on your favorite DPhiE merchandise at our DPhiE designs boutique and Herff Jones store.


The t-shirt auction is always a crowd favorite and gets exciting and loud very quickly. Everyone loves more t-shirts!


Chapter delegates will be voting at Grand Chapter this year for our new International Governing Board.


Celebrate with sisters as they alumnae initiate their moms, aunts, and role models at our Ritual.


Celebrate chapter’s achievements and outstanding sisters at our Awards Banquet.


There are always tons of surprises at Convention! Last year when Convention was held in Disney, we had Mickey and Minnie attended our awards banquet.


Tour the place where all of the magic happens, our International Headquarters.


Exploring a new city and the birth place of America on 4th of July weekend.


Kick off the year of our centennial and celebrate 100 years of Delta Phi Epsilon.




10 Feelings Felt at the T-Shirt Auction

1.  No matter if this is your first convention or 10th, you’ll feel EXCITED entering the auction room. Who knows what the Educational Foundation will have up their sleeves this year!


2. The T-Shirt Auction raises thousands of dollars for scholarships, educational programming and personal development. You’ll feel APPRECIATIVE of our generous sisterhood.


3. Before the live auction, you’ll be able to purchase raffle tickets to win a variety of t-shirts. You might get OVERWHELMED by the number of shirts to choose from!

steve harvey

4. You’ll feel LUCKY when your raffle ticket is pulled for your favorite t-shirt.

tina fey

5. You might be a little DISAPPOINTED if your raffle ticket isn’t pulled. Don’t worry, there will be more shirts!


6. When the live auction begins, the crowd gets quite COMPETITIVE.


7. You’ll definitely feel TALENTED when sisters are bidding against each other over the shirt that you designed.

im an artist

8. Looking for a creative recruitment or programming theme? You’ll definitely get INSPIRED by all of the shirt designs.

amy poehler

9. Sisters have been known to bid shirts for other sisters. If this happens to you, you’ll feel extremely SPECIAL.


10. After donating money to the Educational Foundation by purchasing raffle tickets and bidding on t-shirts, you’ll feel PHILANTHROPIC knowing that you helped sisters!




5 Reasons Convention should be your New Year’s Resolution

  1. Location, Location, Location


Many sisters have never been to headquarters or even Philadelphia so this is an amazing opportunity to take a tour and see where all the magic happens! It also happens to be 4th of July weekend in a historic city, which makes this experience that much more special!

  1. Networking


Where else can you meet and mingle with members of the International Governing Board, high level volunteers, alumnae and undergraduate sisters? Talk about squad goals!

3. Sisters Always











                           Ritual with 500+ sisters is an indescribable experience. Mind. Blown.

  1. SWAG











You get swag! You get swag! Everybody gets some swag! No one can say no to some new gear!

  1. Centennial Kick-off








A centennial only happens once so don’t pass us the chance to be a part of a legendary year in DPhiE history. You will not want to miss out on a weekend filled with exciting surprises and announcements.




12 Reasons to Work for DPhiE (and love it every day)

by Caitlin Elliott (Gamma Xi), Collegiate Development Consultant at the University of Florida

Have we got the experience of a lifetime for you!  Working for your sorority is the best job you will ever have in your career.  You will learn and experience more in a year than you will in a lifetime.  Take it from me…

Here are 12 reasons why you should consider working for IHQ as a Collegiate Development Consultant (CDC)

1.   You can call yourself a full-time sorority woman.

2.  You will be a role model to over 100 sisters and they will always remember how you helped their chapter.


3. You are being paid to work for an organization that you love more than anything.

4. You learn to love coffee (and all other forms of caffeine).

5.  You still get to celebrate Bid Day even though you graduated.  Who doesn’t love free DPhiE swag and t-shirts?

6.  So. Many. Gifts.

7.  You will always have a network of other consultants across the country that can relate to your problems and help you through them.

8.  The women from your chapter will give you extra love and attention because they miss you while you’re away helping another chapter grow.

9.  You become a professional crafter and leave a little bit of glitter behind wherever you go.

10. You help women meet their future best friends and become the best version of themselves.

11.  You get to share knowledge about our philanthropies and help women love themselves.

12. You learn that life as a CDC is not always easy, but you learn more than you will in any other job.  And it’s worth it.

12 - not easy

Email Andrea Alhadari at for information on how to apply to be a Collegiate Development Consultant for Delta Phi Epsilon International Headquarters.  Or click here. 


50 Thoughts You Have Going from Senior to Alumna

by Maureen Anderson (Alpha Tau), Director of Alumnae Services

As we see the last of our 2014 graduates enter alumnahood, and our Class of 2015 preparing for their exit, we know what you are going through.  We know our “seasoned” alumnae can testify to the myriad of feelings they experienced as they left college.  Read through this list and add your own.

  1. I’m soooo excited to be done with classes!
  2. Finals. I’ve got this…
  3. Last sorority meeting of the semester… I’m off of Leadership Team, and have no other coordinator positions! 3_over
  4. I only have student teaching/clinicals/internship/ect. left to do next semester.
  5. Cue the Netflix! 5_nopants
  6. When was the last time I ate?
  7. Eh, I’ll just order food. 7_netflix
  8. When was the last time I showered?
  9. I won’t shower until I need to go out.
  10. Well I’m done re-watching every season Gilmore Girls, I probably should start applying for a job or for grad school.
  11. OMG how do I write a cover letter?
  12. I seriously need to study for the GRE/LSATs. 12_business
  13. Copy. Send. Repeat.
  14. I’m dying. No one is ever going to hire me. 14_crying
  15. Do employers really look at LinkedIn? Do I have to have a profile?
  16. I think I’ve sent like 200 of these things. 16_dog_meme
  17. My first day of my last semester… Okay I better pull it together. 17_realworld
  18. It’s 2:14PM. I really want a nap.
  19. Do they have naps at jobs? 19_naps_normal
  20. Why does my new boss hate me?
  21. Are all jobs like this?
  22. I miss my little. 22_little
  23. I haven’t seen her in weeks it seems like (actuality, like 2 days).
  24. Proceed to text Little the following: 24_text
  25. Immediately seeing my Little later tonight.
  26. Catch up on drama of chapter.
  27. I’m so happy I’m not in the middle of the drama. 27_drama
  28. Sort of miss the drama. 28_dramabest
  29. Back to work. Three more weeks to go.
  30. Get email about Senior to Alumna ritual.
  31. I’m so happy I can see everyone again! 31_happygroup
  32. What am I going to wear to ritual? 32_ritualattire
  33. Who’s going to talk about me?
  34. What are they going to say?
  35. I hope no one says anything mean.
  36. No one will say anything mean.
  37. It’s here! I can’t believe it’s over.
  38. Wow, those words were very powerful. 38_justcant
  39. I feel so happy and sad now. 39_happysad
  40. Omg I can’t believe I touched so many people. 40_happy
  41. I’m going to miss everyone else so much.
  42. LOOK AT HOW MY LITTLE DECORATED MY CAP!!! 42_decoratedcap
  43. I LOVE HER SO MUCH! 43_lovelittle
  44. Was I hugged this much at initiation?!
  45. I’m wearing my cap and gown, this feels like a dream.
  46. I’ve never seen my parents so proud. 46_proud
  47. My sisters are the loudest in the crowd.
  48. Who brought the horn?
  49. Obligatory cap photo with my fellow grads. 49_gradcaps
  50. I’m so proud to be an alumna of Delta Phi Epsilon! 50_ellewoods

What’s next?

After graduation is just the beginning of your Delta Phi Epsilon journey.

Sisterhood is a lifetime. Be sure to pay your annual dues of $19.17 (yes, it’s like that on purpose, easy to remember right?). By paying alumna dues, you are directly supporting alumnae programming which in turn, goes right back to help you. TRIADs YAY!


Join local alumnae associations in your area. No matter where you move or what job you take, we have sisters worldwide, ready to welcome you and help you along.  Isn’t one nearby, start one! There are lots of sisters who are just waiting for someone to reach out to them. They are also a great way to continue our PEARL program with the alumnae 5 C’s (Character, Cultural, Career, Connections, and Civic) and to get involved with local city Alumnae Panhellenics. Can you say scholarships?


Volunteer for a Chapter Advisory Board or committee. Are you full of wonderful knowledge from sorority or work experience? The strength of our chapters depends on knowledgeable mentors to help guide our Leadership Teams to success. Behind every 1917 Chapter, there is a great Chapter Advisory Board. Be open to working with chapters other than your own to grow your own sisterhood experience.


Advocate for alumnae initiates. Has someone in your family or a friend always supported everything you’ve done as a sister? Ask her if she’d like to become an alumna initiate. These women go through an alumna-tailored six-week New Member Orientation and become full alumna members after they are initiated. It’s a great gift to give anyone. AI_hugs

This is truly just the beginning. end_goldengirls

Contact Maureen Anderson, Director of Alumnae Services, with how to get involved after graduation and stay active as an alumna.

Maureen Anderson
Director of Alumnae Services

215-732-5901 office
215-805-1604 cell



10 Reasons I am Thankful for DPhiE


by Kirsten Cirelli (Alpha Alpha), Membership Manager

Let’s talk turkey.  This list should be one that everyone can understand.  In a month of giving thanks, let’s add our sorority to that list.

Here are 10 Reasons I am Thankful for DPhiE …

1.   I have an endless support system that I can always rely on for anything I may need (even if that is as simple as sharing hot chocolate on a bad day.)

2. I found my career path through leadership opportunities within the sorority and Panhellenic.

(obligatory Ryan Gosling gif)

3. I found my best friends, roommates, future bridesmaids, mentors, and sisters who inspire me to be something.

4. I am held to a higher standard which has given me a vision and the drive to keep working harder.

5.  This organization has empowered me to be the best woman I can be.

6. I get to explore my core values that align with Justice, Sisterhood and Love, which guides me in my day to day life.

7. I have a family away from home (and anywhere I go)

8. I have gained skills, and not just how to craft (true story). But I learned how to work on a team, time management, and organizational skills that I can relate to my personal and professional life.

9. I have endless opportunities to meet and network with new sisters who will make an impact on my life.

10. Of the countless memories I have made, the best ones are yet to come.

This Thanksgiving, we give thanks to our families, our friends, our sisters, and the adventures that are ahead of us.  Why are you thankful for DPhiE today? Share this on social media and tell everyone your story.




8 Ways to make your Fraternity|Sorority Advisor your BESTIE

by Thea Zunick, Associate Director of Student Life, Stevens Institute of Technology

Take it from an experienced Fraternity|Sorority Advisor, there are ways to work together to achieve success and mutual respect for your chapter and the institution.

In Thea’s role at Stevens, she serves as the Fraternity & Sorority Advisor among other responsibilities in Undergraduate Student Life.  She previously worked at New Jersey Institute of Technology and Iona College. She received her Master’s degree from University of Florida and her undergraduate degree from The College of New Jersey and is currently working on her doctoral program at Rutgers University. Thea is a member of Phi Sigma Sigma sorority, and a long-time supporter of Delta Phi Epsilon.

1.  Communicate

It is important that your advisor knows what’s happening with the chapter. We don’t like to be kept in the dark, this scares us.

2. Office Visits

Fraternity|Sorority Advisors always love having company but what this really accomplishes is creating the opportunity to build relationships. The more your advisors know about your chapter and its members, the more they can do to help you. It’s also good to get to know us; we can be pretty interesting people too!

3. Volunteer

Always be on the lookout for opportunities to help out at events, whether they are run by your Student Life office or for organizations within the community where your campus is. This shows that you genuinely care about others around you. When an advisor knows that they can rely on a chapter for anything, you are golden.

4. Invite us places.

We love going places! Invite your advisors to meetings and events when you can. By knowing when these events are, we can stop by and show support. Besides, who doesn’t love being able to show support by attending male pageants and bake sales!

5. Meet with us.

This is a great way to keep your advisor in the loop and for you to get the inside ‘scoop’ as to what is happening on campus. (see what I did there)

6. Let us school you.

We spend a lot of time and effort traveling from conference to conference, reading blogs and articles, and watching webinars learning about different topics. Let us come share what we have learned with you through a workshop or an informal talk; you might be surprised at how much we know.

7. Make us proud!

Living your values, going above and beyond, and being the best versions of yourself is the most important thing you can do. This is what keeps us going as advisors and is why we do what we do.

7. Bribery.

When all else fails, bribe us!  Bringing small tokens of appreciation always goes a long way. Baked goods are always a treat! It shows that you care and put time and effort into doing something nice for us.