10 Feelings Felt at the T-Shirt Auction

1.  No matter if this is your first convention or 10th, you’ll feel EXCITED entering the auction room. Who knows what the Educational Foundation will have up their sleeves this year!


2. The T-Shirt Auction raises thousands of dollars for scholarships, educational programming and personal development. You’ll feel APPRECIATIVE of our generous sisterhood.


3. Before the live auction, you’ll be able to purchase raffle tickets to win a variety of t-shirts. You might get OVERWHELMED by the number of shirts to choose from!

steve harvey

4. You’ll feel LUCKY when your raffle ticket is pulled for your favorite t-shirt.

tina fey

5. You might be a little DISAPPOINTED if your raffle ticket isn’t pulled. Don’t worry, there will be more shirts!


6. When the live auction begins, the crowd gets quite COMPETITIVE.


7. You’ll definitely feel TALENTED when sisters are bidding against each other over the shirt that you designed.

im an artist

8. Looking for a creative recruitment or programming theme? You’ll definitely get INSPIRED by all of the shirt designs.

amy poehler

9. Sisters have been known to bid shirts for other sisters. If this happens to you, you’ll feel extremely SPECIAL.


10. After donating money to the Educational Foundation by purchasing raffle tickets and bidding on t-shirts, you’ll feel PHILANTHROPIC knowing that you helped sisters!





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