Top 10 Things to Expect at Convention

Meet and connect with hundreds of sisters of all ages. Convention is attended by some of our newest members and also our wonderful alumnae.


Stock up on your favorite DPhiE merchandise at our DPhiE designs boutique and Herff Jones store.


The t-shirt auction is always a crowd favorite and gets exciting and loud very quickly. Everyone loves more t-shirts!


Chapter delegates will be voting at Grand Chapter this year for our new International Governing Board.


Celebrate with sisters as they alumnae initiate their moms, aunts, and role models at our Ritual.


Celebrate chapter’s achievements and outstanding sisters at our Awards Banquet.


There are always tons of surprises at Convention! Last year when Convention was held in Disney, we had Mickey and Minnie attended our awards banquet.


Tour the place where all of the magic happens, our International Headquarters.


Exploring a new city and the birth place of America on 4th of July weekend.


Kick off the year of our centennial and celebrate 100 years of Delta Phi Epsilon.




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