8 ways to give back to the DPhiE Educational Foundation when you’re broke 

by Melissa Reilly (Delta Epsilon), Coordinator of Development

College students are on a strict budget, and the Delta Phi Epsilon Education Foundation is here to help.  Here are some ways everyone can contribute – every little bit counts!

1. Split a Netflix account with a sorority sister or several! 

Sharing is caring! It’s a great way to save money!

2. Pass around an empty “Skippy” jar during chapter meetings. 

If you were late or skipped class over the past week, put any change you have in your backpack, purse, pocket, etc. into the jar.

3. Do you have an online shopping problem? Sign up for iGive.com! iGive.com is the first online shopping mall where a portion of each purchase is donated to your favorite cause. Established in 1997 for one purpose: to turn everyday online shopping into donations for worthy causes, at no cost
to shoppers or the cause they support.

4. The perfect gift for the sister who has everything would be a donation in her name to the Educational Foundation. 

The gift of sisterhood!

5. Skip the daily Pumpkin Spiced Latte this season.  A venti will cost you about $5. Stick to PSLs once a week as a “Pick me up Monday” or a “Treat yourself Friday.” Donate the money you save to the Educational Foundation.

6. Purchase a Piggy Bank for your bedroom/apartment/house

At the end of the week, put all of your loose change in the piggy bank. Donate the money at the end of the month.

7. Have a pasta dinner once a semester  

Get creative by adding fun dishes such as “Dino” Chicken Nugget Parmesan!

8. Join the Loyalty Pledge Initiative to set up low monthly payments.


Set up monthly payments as low as $10 a month. Visit http://bit.ly/ZWpsdX

For more information on how you can make a difference and give back to DPhiE, contact Melissa Reilly, Coordinator of Development, mreilly@dphie.org

212-732-5901, ext 152.