10 Reasons I am Thankful for DPhiE


by Kirsten Cirelli (Alpha Alpha), Membership Manager

Let’s talk turkey.  This list should be one that everyone can understand.  In a month of giving thanks, let’s add our sorority to that list.

Here are 10 Reasons I am Thankful for DPhiE …

1.   I have an endless support system that I can always rely on for anything I may need (even if that is as simple as sharing hot chocolate on a bad day.)

2. I found my career path through leadership opportunities within the sorority and Panhellenic.

(obligatory Ryan Gosling gif)

3. I found my best friends, roommates, future bridesmaids, mentors, and sisters who inspire me to be something.

4. I am held to a higher standard which has given me a vision and the drive to keep working harder.

5.  This organization has empowered me to be the best woman I can be.

6. I get to explore my core values that align with Justice, Sisterhood and Love, which guides me in my day to day life.

7. I have a family away from home (and anywhere I go)

8. I have gained skills, and not just how to craft (true story). But I learned how to work on a team, time management, and organizational skills that I can relate to my personal and professional life.

9. I have endless opportunities to meet and network with new sisters who will make an impact on my life.

10. Of the countless memories I have made, the best ones are yet to come.

This Thanksgiving, we give thanks to our families, our friends, our sisters, and the adventures that are ahead of us.  Why are you thankful for DPhiE today? Share this on social media and tell everyone your story.





8 Ways to become a 5-Star Chapter (in the most entertaining and effective way)

by Jaime Battaglia (Beta Mu), Membership Manager

The 1917 Club is the most prestigious group.  11 chapters earned 5-star status last year.  How did they do it?  What is the secret?  Well, here are some fun suggestions on how to “get er done” and rock those 5 gold stars.

1. Create a CAP Queen

All DPhiE sisters love to be more involved and have positions, so why not create one that is extremely valuable to improving your CAP score? Having a CAP Coordinator or Chair (Some chapters even call her the CAP Queen) allows each chapter to delegate such an important task to one member. Predetermining all the events with Leadership Team in the beginning of the semester, printing out all the CAP paperwork and having it organized in a pre-decorated LT binder, seems to get the job done. Having one person in charge of this eliminates stress, you know what happens when there are too many cooks in the kitchen!

2. Have a PEARL entering Pizza Party

It’s that time of the semester again …. to enter those 21 PEARLs into dashboard.dphie.org.  As Delta Phi Epsilon sisters, we all know that we are always out and about completing our PEARLs that we often forget to enter them for submission. Like any other issue in life, this one can also be fixed with pizza! Having a Pizza Party dedicated to PEARLs is a great way to ensure all your sisters have completed this very easy, yet easily forgotten task for extra CAP Points!

3. Keep it simple, silly!

Don’t make more work for yourself than you need to! Many of the CAP requirements can be completed with effortless events that do not fill your calendars. Service and social events seem to take a lot of planning and funds are usually involved, so our advice is to keep it as simple as possible. Instead of taking up another day of the week for an event, use the chapter meeting to your advantage.


1) Bring crafting supplies, such as colored construction paper, markers and stickers. Each sister can write a heartfelt letter to a soldier fighting across seas or a sick child in the hospital. It’s the little things in life that people remember the most!

2) Cancel chapter and have a PJ party with another sorority on campus. Not only are you increasing your Greek relations but you are completing one of your mandatory social events for points!


4.  100 “A’s” to a better GPA

Every chapter racks their brains to try and improve their overall GPA. Thanks to our lovely Alpha Epsilon sisters at Kennesaw State University, we have the 100 A’s!! (The actual number (100 in this case) represents the size of your chapter) Set the number of A’s you would like your chapter to reach in the beginning of the semester. Sisters can take pictures of received A’s (tests, projects, essays) and send them along to the VPAA. Once the chapter reaches 100 A’s, rewards are given!! ($5 Deepher Dollars, a social, buy the chapter calendars/planners). GPA’s will sky rocket and so will your CAP scores!!


5. Attendance is key!!

As we all know, the planning of events is really hard and time consuming. So what is the point of going through all that hard work, if no one shows up? The amount of active sisters in attendance at your CAP events reflects the amount of points you receive. Come on sisters, show your VP’s some support!!

Incentive: Whichever sister is present at the most CAP events receives a reduction of dues at the end of the semester!!

6. Double Dipping!!

Double Dipping (verb) – the ability to use 1 DPhiE event for 2 or more CAP Requirements.

This is the easiest way to increase CAP scores. It may seem like you’re cheating the system but we promise, you aren’t!


  • ANAD event
    1. Service: fulfills requirement of having one ANAD per year
    2. Social: fulfills requirement of hosting/ co-hosting a community wide event (3 per year)
    3. Self: fulfills Health & Wellness program requirement for sisters (required once a year)

7. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!!

Behind every great idea is the amazing chapter who came up with it! Delta Phi Epsilon has close to 100 chapters, each one having their own set of innovative events. Find another chapter near you and exchange tips of the trade (go to Engage U!). Not only will you find great ideas in each chapter, but why not go to the biggest harbor of them all? Keep calm & call your MM!  As Membership Managers, we love helping and giving all the advice we have. It’s our job!

8.  A little motivation never hurt anyone.

Friends jumping

What’s a better way to stay motivated during the year, than by keeping your eyes on the prize? The oh-so-fabulous “1917 T-shirts” were created by Kelsey Adams from DPhiE Designs and are only for chapters with 5 Star status. Gaining this title is definitely something to celebrate and this is an easy way to ensure your chapter stays motivated. These can be ordered by emailing our Dphie Designs staff at Custom@dphiedesigns.org.  Of course, you need to earn the status first!

May the odds be ever in your favor


Kristen Bell Wink

8 Reasons Why You Should Live with Your Sorority Sisters instead of at Home


by Emily Freundlich (Delta Sigma), Administrative Intern

1. Always someone there to help with school work


With so many college women living in close quarters of each other (suite, house, residence hall or apartments), there’s bound to be an instance where you have the same major as someone or can talk to some about a class that they have previously taken. Staying up late to study for an accounting exam is that much better when you have friends going through it with you

2. Never eating alone

friends eating

I was always one of those people that was too embarrassed to sit at a table alone while I ate, but when you live with so many people, that never happens. No matter if it’s 2:30 in the morning or 3:30 in the afternoon, I can always find someone who wants to eat

3. It’s like living in a shopping mall

sharing closets

Why go out and buy more clothes when there are endless closets and options to choose from right in my own house? If you don’t like something in your own closet, just go down the hall. Living with sorority sisters is like your own Forever21 with a DSW next door.

4. Staying in on a Friday night isn’t as boring as it sounds

staying in on friday night

Maybe there’s nowhere to go this Friday night. You could go home for the night OR you could stay in with your sisters and have some fun. Kick back with a Friends or Law and Order marathon and a pizza and it could be just as fun. What you thought would turn out to be a boring night in, has become one of those “remember that time…” moments that you laugh about for days after.

5. It’s like having a live-in therapist

live in therapist

Sure, you could go to your mom or your best friend from home for any problems you’re having, but why do that when you can find someone to talk to in the house, apartment or suite.  Any time of the day, there is always a sister to lend a helping hand or just listen when you want to go on a rant about a test you studied so hard for but still ended up with a C. Or if you just want to vent about the guy you’ve been texting because he took you to Panera but hasn’t texted you back in 2 days.

6. Getting ready to go out is more fun than the party itself

getting ready

You thought it was convenient to get ready at home by yourself within 20 minutes, but what fun is that? Living with your DPhiE sisters and getting ready with everyone adds at least another 2 hours between finding something to wear, doing make-up and having dance parties. It’s hard to not jam out when 90’s Pandora comes on. There’s just something about Justin Timberlake’s voice in Bye, Bye, Bye that says “stop putting on eyeliner and do the choreographed dance from the music video”.

7. Always learning something new

learning something new

This may not be something big to someone else, but I can honestly say that learning how to make coffee has been a huge help to my life. Others could be learning bigger things like how to network, create an awesome resume, or how to make your sock-bun game strong. Whether it’s something big or small, learning is learning and you can’t beat that.

8. James Bond? No. Sisterly bonds.


Living with your sisters ties such a strong bond between you and everyone you’re living with. You can learn so much about them and all you’re doing is just having lunch together. These are the people you go to when you’re in any type of mood. These are the ones that are there for you at any time of the day. The more bonds you have (and not investment bonds, because those are boring) the more support you have; like the support a bra gives you, but more comfortable.