50 Thoughts You Have Going from Senior to Alumna

by Maureen Anderson (Alpha Tau), Director of Alumnae Services

As we see the last of our 2014 graduates enter alumnahood, and our Class of 2015 preparing for their exit, we know what you are going through.  We know our “seasoned” alumnae can testify to the myriad of feelings they experienced as they left college.  Read through this list and add your own.

  1. I’m soooo excited to be done with classes!
  2. Finals. I’ve got this…
  3. Last sorority meeting of the semester… I’m off of Leadership Team, and have no other coordinator positions! 3_over
  4. I only have student teaching/clinicals/internship/ect. left to do next semester.
  5. Cue the Netflix! 5_nopants
  6. When was the last time I ate?
  7. Eh, I’ll just order food. 7_netflix
  8. When was the last time I showered?
  9. I won’t shower until I need to go out.
  10. Well I’m done re-watching every season Gilmore Girls, I probably should start applying for a job or for grad school.
  11. OMG how do I write a cover letter?
  12. I seriously need to study for the GRE/LSATs. 12_business
  13. Copy. Send. Repeat.
  14. I’m dying. No one is ever going to hire me. 14_crying
  15. Do employers really look at LinkedIn? Do I have to have a profile?
  16. I think I’ve sent like 200 of these things. 16_dog_meme
  17. My first day of my last semester… Okay I better pull it together. 17_realworld
  18. It’s 2:14PM. I really want a nap.
  19. Do they have naps at jobs? 19_naps_normal
  20. Why does my new boss hate me?
  21. Are all jobs like this?
  22. I miss my little. 22_little
  23. I haven’t seen her in weeks it seems like (actuality, like 2 days).
  24. Proceed to text Little the following: 24_text
  25. Immediately seeing my Little later tonight.
  26. Catch up on drama of chapter.
  27. I’m so happy I’m not in the middle of the drama. 27_drama
  28. Sort of miss the drama. 28_dramabest
  29. Back to work. Three more weeks to go.
  30. Get email about Senior to Alumna ritual.
  31. I’m so happy I can see everyone again! 31_happygroup
  32. What am I going to wear to ritual? 32_ritualattire
  33. Who’s going to talk about me?
  34. What are they going to say?
  35. I hope no one says anything mean.
  36. No one will say anything mean.
  37. It’s here! I can’t believe it’s over.
  38. Wow, those words were very powerful. 38_justcant
  39. I feel so happy and sad now. 39_happysad
  40. Omg I can’t believe I touched so many people. 40_happy
  41. I’m going to miss everyone else so much.
  42. LOOK AT HOW MY LITTLE DECORATED MY CAP!!! 42_decoratedcap
  43. I LOVE HER SO MUCH! 43_lovelittle
  44. Was I hugged this much at initiation?!
  45. I’m wearing my cap and gown, this feels like a dream.
  46. I’ve never seen my parents so proud. 46_proud
  47. My sisters are the loudest in the crowd.
  48. Who brought the horn?
  49. Obligatory cap photo with my fellow grads. 49_gradcaps
  50. I’m so proud to be an alumna of Delta Phi Epsilon! 50_ellewoods

What’s next?

After graduation is just the beginning of your Delta Phi Epsilon journey.

Sisterhood is a lifetime. Be sure to pay your annual dues of $19.17 (yes, it’s like that on purpose, easy to remember right?). By paying alumna dues, you are directly supporting alumnae programming which in turn, goes right back to help you. TRIADs YAY!


Join local alumnae associations in your area. No matter where you move or what job you take, we have sisters worldwide, ready to welcome you and help you along.  Isn’t one nearby, start one! There are lots of sisters who are just waiting for someone to reach out to them. They are also a great way to continue our PEARL program with the alumnae 5 C’s (Character, Cultural, Career, Connections, and Civic) and to get involved with local city Alumnae Panhellenics. Can you say scholarships?


Volunteer for a Chapter Advisory Board or committee. Are you full of wonderful knowledge from sorority or work experience? The strength of our chapters depends on knowledgeable mentors to help guide our Leadership Teams to success. Behind every 1917 Chapter, there is a great Chapter Advisory Board. Be open to working with chapters other than your own to grow your own sisterhood experience.


Advocate for alumnae initiates. Has someone in your family or a friend always supported everything you’ve done as a sister? Ask her if she’d like to become an alumna initiate. These women go through an alumna-tailored six-week New Member Orientation and become full alumna members after they are initiated. It’s a great gift to give anyone. AI_hugs

This is truly just the beginning. end_goldengirls

Contact Maureen Anderson, Director of Alumnae Services, with how to get involved after graduation and stay active as an alumna.

Maureen Anderson
Director of Alumnae Services

215-732-5901 office
215-805-1604 cell




8 Tips from a DPhiE Senior to New Members

by Danielle Williams (Beta Mu), Administrative Intern

1.  When you don’t feel like going out, go anyway.


There’s nothing worse than getting to your senior year and realizing there were so many things you missed out on simply because you didn’t feel like going. Even if it’s for an hour, go out and have fun with your sisters.

2.    There will be rivalries among the sororities on campus—ignore it.


There are plenty of sorority women on campus that will try to sabotage your sisterhood and talk about your chapter behind your back. Don’t stoop to their level and try to get even. DPhiE women pride themselves on justice, sisterhood and love. These principles are especially useful in a time like this.


3.  Be as involved as possible.


Whether it’s a fundraiser, a silly event during Homecoming or an embarrassing performance during Greek Week, sign up for it. Being part of the funny events will give you so many memories to look back on and will only make you closer with the sisters that did it with you. Let loose, have fun, and be yourself!

4. You can learn a lot from older sisters.


You may start off thinking you already know what life in DPhiE is going to be like. Or you may have no idea what to expect.  Just know that an older sister will always be there for advice and guidance. Your big sister, a member of the Leadership Team, or your chapter advisors are great people to ask!


5. Do not worry about what other people think.

If you want to run for Risk Management chair, but everyone thinks it’s social suicide, run for it anyway. Do what you know is going to make you happy and what’s going to make you feel good about contributing to the sorority.  Remember that all of these experiences will assist with developing skills that will be useful beyond college.

6. Privacy almost does not exist anymore—especially if you live in the house.


Joining DPhiE was like moving to a very small town; everyone knew everything about each other. Don’t be surprised when chapter members sit at the weekly meetings laughing, crying and consoling each other about events and transgressions from the past weekend. If you live in a house, know that the sisters you live with will see, hear and know everything about you and you will see, hear and know everything about them. You will find that being that comfortable and open with so many people will actually be a great experience. Don’t be afraid to open up!  DPhiE is a built-in support system for all of your life adventures.

7.  Always love your sisters no matter what.

You’re not going to like every sister all the time. Someone will do or say something that will really tick you off and that’s okay. You don’t have to be pleased with your sisters’ actions 100% of the time, but make sure you love them just the same.  Justice.  Sisterhood.  Love.

8. Don’t take this time for granted.

Before you know it, you will be a senior, looking back at your time in DPhiE and wishing you were a new member again. There will be times that are tough to get through. There will be times that you wish the clock would stop and you could live in that moment forever. There will even be times that you wish you could graduate and get out of college already. When that happens, remember that not everyone gets the chance to be a DPhiE sister. Not everyone will have the opportunities that you will have. Not everyone can say they have sisters and best friends for life. Enjoy every little moment because one day you’ll be wishing you were meeting the sisters of Delta Phi Epsilon for the first time at recruitment all over again.

Esse Quam Videri.